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Parent Participation

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher and a valued part of the team at First United Church Nursery School. Teachers and parents build a partnership grounded in open and frequent communication in support of each child’s day-to-day school experience.

Throughout the year parents are welcomed as classroom volunteers or visitors. Teachers value the contributions parents make to the classroom – coming in to share about their profession, bringing in a collection of sea shells, playing the violin, demonstrating flamenco dancing, bringing photos of a trip to Hawaii, helping with cookie baking, assisting with an art project, etc. In several classrooms parents are recruited to be scribes for children’s story dictation.

The Nursery School Board of Directors has fifteen members, comprised of church members and school parents. Interested parents are invited each year to serve on the Board. Others are invited to serve as Room Parents. There are also a number of ways to volunteer to be a part of fundraising activities which is a great way to meet other parents and to participate as part of the school community.

Parent-teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring. These are opportunities for teachers and parents to share insights about the child and to agree on goals for the coming months. But we don’t wait for conference time to communicate. Communication takes place on a regular basis through email messages, notes of news from school and one-on-one conversations.

We consider nursery school an experience for the whole family – not just the preschool-age child. Planned family events during the school year include: