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  1. To provide program components which encourage the spiritual development of the child.
  2. To initiate and maintain a relationship between home and school.
  3. To provide play experiences that allow the child to experiment with materials and concepts, with roles and feelings, and to explore the world in which he/she lives.
  4. To assist children in the development of skills for group living and social functioning.
  5. To nurture a child’s cognitive growth through intellectually engaging content and projects.
  6. To provide a place and time for gross motor and small motor play and skill development.
  7. To be alert to special needs of individual children and to plan methodology to encourage growth in targeted areas.
  8. To allow children creative expression through play, art, music and movement.
  9. To provide an accepting atmosphere that fosters the child’s self concept and emotional growth.
  10. To establish ongoing communication and partnership with parents.
  11. To provide parents opportunities to participate in classroom activities and planned family events.