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Family Involvement

We recognize that parents are the most important individuals in a young child’s life and at First United we strive at all times to build a positive, reciprocal relationship. Several weeks prior to the beginning of school teachers visit each child at home. This is a brief visit in order for the child to meet the teacher and to begin a respectful, cooperative relationship with the family.

The first day of school is a one hour visit by child and parent. This gives an opportunity for the child to explore the classroom environment without the stress of separation and ease the transition to school for child and parent.

Throughout the year parents are welcomed as classroom volunteers or visitors. Teachers value the contributions parents make to the classroom – coming in to share about their profession, bringing in a collection of sea shells, playing the violin, demonstrating flamenco dancing, bringing photos of a trip to Hawaii, helping with cookie baking, assisting with an art project – the list is endless. In several classrooms parents are recruited to be scribes for children’s story dictation. Parents may also choose to be involved by serving on the Nursery School Board or as a Room Parent.

Parent teacher conferences are held in the fall and in the spring. These are opportunities for teachers and parents to share insights about the child and to agree on goals for the coming months. But we don’t wait for conference time to communicate. Communication takes place on a regular basis through email messages, Shutterfly sites, notes of news from school and in person communication.

We consider nursery school an experience for the whole family – not just the preschool-age child. Planned family events during the school year include a Back-to School Carnival, fall ice cream socials, December Christmas parties, Dads Night and Moms Night at school, a winter family entertainment event and an end of the year sing-a-long. An annual spring Gala is a fun social event for adults. Parents also have fun assisting with fund raisers and in that way meeting other parents.