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Located at 848 Lake Street, the school includes a full gym and an outdoor classroom (playground) with tricycle path, climbing equipment, basketball hoop, sandbox, messy materials area, playhouse, trees and areas for planting. The gym has a carpet area with large wooden blocks for group building projects, riding equipment, rocking boats, a climber, balance beams, balls, trucks and more. Additionally children have the opportunity to play and explore at Austin Gardens, Scoville Park and the front yard of the church. Each class has a minimum of thirty minutes each school day for active outdoor or gym play.

Each class has large rooms with natural lighting to accommodate a rich array of activities. The large windows allow us to enjoy the changing seasons. On snowy winter days we feel like we are inside a snow globe!

Classrooms are arranged to include library areas, social dramatic play areas, sand and water tables, writing centers, math and science centers, space for building activities, puzzles, art and small manipulatives. First United has a large library of books, music, puzzles, science boxes, puppets, math games and other learning materials which are rotated in classrooms to support topics of study and projects.

A group time area is the dedicated spot for gathering for literacy and music activities, sharing of ideas and group math and science explorations.

A 95 foot hand-painted mural in the hall extends the creative learning atmosphere.