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Board Members

Board of Directors

The First United Church Nursery School’s Board of Directors is comprised of sixteen members representing the church and parents. The Board is responsible for setting Nursery School policy, sponsoring fundraising projects and assisting the staff in the smooth operation of the day-to-day program.

The Board meets on a monthly basis. Parents are encouraged to share ideas and thoughts with Board members. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for the Board should contact our Director, Joan White, or any Board member.

As a member of the Board, church members serve for two-year terms and are able to serve for two consecutive terms. Non-church members serve for one-year terms and are able to serve four consecutive terms.

2015-2016 Board Members

Megan Malagoli-Patterson – President

Amy Prestes– Vice President

Andrea Williams - Secretary

Beth Vlerick - Treasurer

John Borreo

Jessica Daly

Megan Elsener

Donna Hartin

Fran Knechel

Lauren Hinterlong

Jan Lasch - Bookkeeper (non-voting)

Barbara Metric - Church Council (non-voting)

Meghann Moses

Lydia Mulkey - Director of Christian Education (non-voting)

David Potter

Gilda Potter

Cindy Snydacker

Jen Staszak

Jen Stroiman

Joan White - NS Director (non-voting)